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Consulting, In Plant Surveys, and Equipment Design:

We provide consulting services and in plant surveys to inform you of the best type of equipment for your specific needs.  We will design the equipment and write the specification sheet for competitive bidding, or we will bid on the equipment as a vendor.

Portable And Clean In Place High Pressure Pump Systems:
We provide portable cleaning systems. We also provide medium pressure pump systems with stainless steel pumps, 5 hp motors, 250 psi boost, and 30 gpm -- with or without foamer and sanitizer; Two or three rinse hoses that can be run at the same time; High pressure system is 700 to 800 psi, two rinse hoses. Either unit consists of all stainless steel or fabricated steel.  Central High Pressure “Clean In Place” pump skids; single pump skids up to 300 hp at 900 psi or multiple pump systems; Pitot Tube Centrifugal type pumps; Medium pressure “Clean In Place” pump skids utilize impeller type pumps with 200 to 250 psi boost, 250 gpm per pump -- with or without shell and tube heat exchangers, and with or without water supply tanks. All systems are custom designed to the plant requirements.

Plant Piping Design:
We design plant piping systems for the “Clean In Place” central pump systems; Piping design, sizing, and layout from the pump system to the cleaning stations; Central Sanitizer design and piping layout.

Conveyor Cleaning Systems And Design:
We design conveyor cleaning system spray bars and automatic foaming systems.  Different conveyor types require special spray bars and nozzles.  Our systems are custom designed for each of your conveyors -- automatic or manual foaming systems for your conveyors.  All of the conveyor cleaning systems are designed to clean your conveyors efficiently with the least amount of manual labor required.  Conveyor spray bar systems are GREAT labor saving tools that allow thorough cleaning in the shortest time possible.

Parts, Cleaning Stations, Wall Foamers, Tank Foamers, Sanitizer Stations:
We supply Ergonomic Water Boss spray guns, standard spray guns, hoses, swivels, nozzles, hose assemblies, bulk hose, wands, rotating blaster nozzles, spray bar nozzles, injectors, wall mounted and portable cleaning stations (rinse, foam, sanitize), entryway sanitizing systems, chemical metering pumps, wall mounted sanitizing systems, and other equipment for cleaning your food plant.

High Pressure Water Pumps And Pump Repairs:
We have high pressure Pitot Tube type pumps in stock -- new units and remanufactured units.  We have a pump exchange program for your Pitot Tube type pump that works as follows:  you call us and we send you a remanufactured pump that comes with a NEW PUMP WARRANTY.  You send in your old pump when the remanufactured pump arrives.  We charge you what it costs to turn your old pump into an exchange pump.  The benefit to you is the expense of wasted time that you would spend while waiting forever for your pump to be repaired.  You receive a pump when you know your pump is going bad.  Usually, we get calls stating that “we need a pump NOW.”  We have certain models in stock in New Orleans or Atlanta.  Of course, it would be advisable to call us in advance as closely to when you want the pump in order to ensure that we have your model available.  We can also rebuild your pump to “like new” status, including a new pump warranty along with it.  This will require about two to three weeks, which also includes the freight time between plants.